Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring/Summer Anthems part 1

This song makes me miss my friends from back home and the video actually makes me miss San Jose, especially in warm weather. Sourpatch is a band full of the nicest kids you will ever meet and making amazing songs about such things as party of five and reminding me of summers in the bay.

When I lived in San Francisco for about a year I lived in the Mission with my best friend Sylvia, both of us underage with the worst fake ID's used to frequent the now shut down bar La Rondalla, famous for serving underage kids and $13 pitchers of margaritas. We got to know the patrons, the bee-hived hair waitresses, and the amazingly talented bar tender. This became out anthem of the time we lived together, from either dancing in the bar or running back and forth in each others room doing shots. Pictured below; said best friend.

I first heard this song on my January trip to LA/SD/TJ in my friends car in San Diego on a mix he got as a present. I was blown away, as I expressed that, he broke the news to me to Jay Reatard passed away a 2 days before. I was lucky enough to see him preform in Baltimore in October at one of the best shows I ever been to with Hunx and His Punx and Nobunny. It was warm in LA/SD/TJ on that trip and the song just fit my mood. When I returned to Philadelphia I still listened to the song but knew it was more suitable for the warmth, beaches, and adventure I had when I first heard it.

Jeff The Brotherhood came out with this song last summer, but I wasn't hip to it until this past winter, the whole LP blew me away, even more was their live performance.

There is no video for this Death song, but their should be. I just discovered this gem this morning while getting ready thanks to my friend Sonrisa and this song is what inspired me to compile a list and once I am all settled into my new place make a mixtape.

Other recommendations sans video
Broken Water-Heal/Memory, saw them on Tuesday and even though the vocals were a little fucked up, due to PA or mics, but I still really enjoyed them. Their recordings are amazing.

I will be posting more songs I will add to the mix, and try to make some tapes to send out this spring/summer!

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