Monday, March 16, 2009

The Equinox Draws Near

and after this sotmr of emotions in my life things will get better I can feel it

today's extended horoscope i just read for LEO

Clear out your schedule and set aside your expectations -- this is going to be a fickle kind of day, and you need to be as flexible as possible. It's a day to toss out the rule book and just let things go along their merry way. You won't be disappointed. But if you struggle against the tide of the day and stubbornly try to stick to what you had planned, you'll experience a lot of frustration. Become more passive, and you will learn an awful lot about the world around you.

it's just the advice I need...this city proves poor for fire signs, a sagg can hang but there is just not enough attention for a poor leo. I will still hold my head up and pretend alot doesn't bother me when it really does and shop and masterbate to ease my mind till things go my way.

I can't wait for the equinox, only a few days away, as spring is time for change and I will finally move forward and see the results of the work I have been doing for winter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Totes disposable


Intense Talk

Baby Girl X

Jesse on the Unicycle of time

I haven't seen such great art in a long time
i'll upload the rest tomorrow maybe as I am about to go see Mi Ami!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I keep my visions to myself (and on my blog)

So I am really into dreams, analyzing them and drive myself crazy always over what they mean and I believe most are omens. Unfortunately I have an awful memory and try to write everything down if I find it important enough to do so.

I recently had a dream with something that is always re-occurring which is a boy, usually the boy I have a crush, the boy I had a crush on but never got, the boy I dream who will be gay only for me, but never the boy I had cheap sex with once to twice or thrice. But he usually manifests himself in some man that I always have the same feelings for in each dream and will usually change into one of these manifestations more than once in the same dream, and when I wake up even though I usually am aware of most the manifestations of this boy I know exactly which one the dream was actually about.

So this was a dream I had on Sunday
It started on a draw bridge. My clothes were all out of their suitcases spread around me on the bridge (like they are in reality in my room, I usually live out of my suitcases). On the bridge I had the man who operates the bridge yelling at me to get my shit together, I was extremely nervous and rushing to get my shit together. As I am rushing HE shows up to help me. He stays calm, cool and collected, while I panic, frantically gathering my clothes as not to loose all my choice vintage pieces, my skinny jeans and my precious shoes. He watches me while I am scared and the operator man yells at me over and over again, I catch him in the corner of my eye smiling at me. I finally give up and stuff into a backpack the important gifts from my friends; a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, and a shirt from my ex.. I stand to the side with him and he holds my hand as we watch the bridge ascend as my clothes and suitcases slide down into the river that is flowing into an ocean. As it is ascending, the cord snaps and the bridge takes me and swings around.

My dream then transcends me somehow and I don't know where I am going. I don't know where I am going but don't mind as I am sad he is not there.

I feel this dream has some significance because
a) it did not end in sex with him as most of them usually do (usually him manifested as a straight man)
b) whenever the ocean is usually in my dream it is almost always the Pacific and in this one I was sure it was the Atlantic
c) I kept falling in and out of sleep but having the continuous same theme of the dream which is also rare for me.

I need to see a psychic anyways because my life has been to chaotic lately, I have gotten a lot of other advice from various other people through tarot cards horoscopes that both said in the next coming month it will be a very hard month for me in work, moving to my new place, starting my party, releasing my zine, etc. etc... and in doing all this I must learn how to accept criticism in a more welcoming way. I think after all is said and done a vacation back to California is well deserved.
anyways...i will be posting pictures later today from my shitty disposable camera from a party I went too but for now enjoy this

Monday, March 2, 2009

on non-believers...

shuntron (4:22:57 PM): i heard you've been telling people that you're going to put hexes on me?
alex08wc (4:23:04 PM): i already did
shuntron (4:23:16 PM): hahah ok then
shuntron (4:23:23 PM): why can't you just accept that i don't believe in it?
alex08wc (4:23:34 PM): because i will make you a true believer
shuntron (4:23:45 PM): haha ok whatever
shuntron (4:23:56 PM): its just a solution looking for a problem though
shuntron (4:24:12 PM): if magic were real i feel like we would have found some evidence of it in the last couple thousands of years
alex08wc (4:24:49 PM): there has been evidence
shuntron (4:25:02 PM): really? show it to me
alex08wc (4:25:10 PM): i can show you my friend alene
shuntron (4:25:36 PM): thats not documented evidence though
shuntron (4:25:41 PM): thats circumstantial
alex08wc (4:25:50 PM): welllllll
alex08wc (4:25:57 PM): you will see yr evidence soon enough
alex08wc (4:26:03 PM): just wait til the next full moon
alex08wc (4:26:10 PM): and you will be sorry you have been talking so much shit
shuntron (4:26:15 PM): that's not proof
alex08wc (4:26:19 PM): o it will be
shuntron (4:26:37 PM): personal experiences are meaningless unless you can replicate them at will
shuntron (4:26:46 PM): in this context
shuntron (4:27:05 PM): also
shuntron (4:27:11 PM): id like to point out that i wasn't talking shit
shuntron (4:27:12 PM): YOU brought it up
shuntron (4:27:17 PM): and decided that you needed to convert me
alex08wc (4:27:27 PM): you'll get yours young shayne
alex08wc (4:27:32 PM): just wait
shuntron (4:27:54 PM): haha what am i getting? i didn't do anything
shuntron (4:27:58 PM): even if it were real
shuntron (4:28:02 PM): aren't you just being mean?
alex08wc (4:28:25 PM): i bind you shayne from doing harm to yourself and harm to others, i bind you shayne from doing harm to yourself and harm to others
shuntron (4:28:33 PM): hahaha
shuntron (4:28:42 PM): i already told you
shuntron (4:28:44 PM): ive seen that movie
shuntron (4:29:00 PM): omg this is the most high school bullshit
alex08wc (4:29:12 PM): just wait
alex08wc (4:29:16 PM): i already braided yr hair
alex08wc (4:29:18 PM): into mine
alex08wc (4:29:30 PM): so everytime you are mean to me yr hair is gonna fall out
shuntron (4:29:31 PM): ew
shuntron (4:29:39 PM): yeah right
shuntron (4:30:12 PM): alright
shuntron (4:30:20 PM): next full moon is next wednesday at 240
alex08wc (4:30:25 PM): well then
alex08wc (4:30:29 PM): u better prepare yrself
shuntron (4:30:39 PM): oh im sure
shuntron (4:31:10 PM): im sorry i really cant take any of this seriously haha
alex08wc (4:31:12 PM): i will make moccasins out of yr lily white skin
alex08wc (4:31:16 PM): and flutes of yr bones
shuntron (4:31:20 PM): you DO realize that it IS absolutely ridiculous?
alex08wc (4:31:36 PM): you just wait till you see what i have a-brewin
shuntron (4:31:57 PM): haha but you can't prove any of it is real
shuntron (4:32:01 PM): its like believing in jesus
shuntron (4:32:05 PM): in fact, its exactly the same thing
alex08wc (4:32:20 PM): i can prove yr apendages will start falling off next full moon
shuntron (4:32:23 PM): its just a god of the gaps without a literary embodiment
alex08wc (4:32:40 PM): and i will collect yr fingers and make myself a nice necklace
shuntron (4:33:10 PM): then you can use some skin to make yourself a new scrunchie
shuntron (4:33:39 PM): so you can hold your hair back while you play MASH at lunchtime
shuntron (4:36:06 PM): we should talk about something else
alex08wc (4:36:16 PM): why are you getting mad?
shuntron (4:36:16 PM): cause i really cannot take you srsly when you talk about this
alex08wc (4:36:26 PM): or is yr hair starting to fal out cause yr being mean?
shuntron (4:36:34 PM): no its not
shuntron (4:36:39 PM): which just proves how ridiculous this is
alex08wc (4:37:37 PM): i feel it in my bones shayne
alex08wc (4:37:42 PM): yr hair is going to go
alex08wc (4:37:57 PM): and then what use will you have for yr scrunchie collection?
shuntron (4:38:01 PM): maybe when i cut it tonight
shuntron (4:38:07 PM): like i planned on doing
alex08wc (4:38:23 PM): see
alex08wc (4:38:27 PM): my spell is working aready
alex08wc (4:38:32 PM): *already
shuntron (4:39:01 PM): omg no its not ive told you so many times in the last month that i need a hair cut
alex08wc (4:40:16 PM): witches - 1 ...shayne - 0
shuntron (4:40:27 PM): yeah ok whatever

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating My Friends

I would just like to take some time and recongize the people who make my day via texts

  • Kevin Haley
2/23/09, 8:02 PM
"Its ok I found jesus and that's better than any other boy"
  • Jennifer Brissette
2/23/09, 1:36 PM
"You're gayer than i remember"
  • My new friend Kimberly (who I don't know her last name since I met her this weekend)
2/22/09, 3:43 PM
"I'd like to be Cher at the Oscars circa 1987"
2/22/09, 3:46 PM
"Let's have a Cher party"
**on a side note when I got this girl's phone number the night I met her on Saturday I believe 2 seconds after she put my number in her phone, I got a text from her talking shit on the people next to us. It pretty much made my life. Then via text a few minutes after that I believe she made a reference to me having a fourgy with some guys...
  • Sonrisa
2/22/09, 2:01 PM
"Alex you know i love you, bot there are just some things you just shouldn't tell me....upsetting things."
**nothing but reality from my roommate and a best friend of mine Sonrisa
Thank you again to all who make my day a little brighter by texting me your thoughts and opinions...and if not LET'S TEXT FLIRT! hit me up!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A night at the bath house

My friend Jesse(who took all the photos below) lives at a house in West Philadelphia called the bath house, it is a West Philly house that has been around for a while and got its name from the sauna that was built next to the kitchen. She moved in there about a month ago and had a little gathering of a few close friends

Brendy is the new Chuck Norris

The lovely Hosts and Peter

Xavier walking into the sauna secrets


Nikki and I post Sauna

Life can be good, I will probably end up a Vice Don't

I want to spend the rest of winter in that sauna

we told secrets in the sauna
and I was dubbed the gayest man in the world due to my secret

the gays loved zac (pictured above)... jessie and sylvia too

it was a fancy event but someone told this guy it was a costume party, he was fun though

The people who get me through winter

It suits him well
I had a very West Philadelphia weekend as I only went to parties throughout University City and West Philly, and Sunday was 2 piece fest!!! 22 2 piece bands from 2pm-midnight @ Pi Lam, it was amazing. I don't remember a lot of the specific bands as there were so many but I was actually really blown away by the band Trophy Wife from DC and I am trying to get a hold of any of thier material they might have if anyone can help me with that it would be much appreciated!

Friday, February 20, 2009

5 things that are getting my through my Friday

1. This article about a woman who got shot at but the bullet got stuck in her weave

2. I went to the T Bell in the mall and got 3 of these bad jose's and feel much better about life now. I usually avoid fast food, but T Bell is my guilty pleasure, only the bean burritos though...nothing less, nothing more.

3. My friend Jennifer's childrens poems she is writing in the tradition of Shel Silverstein

When Friends and Family Let You Down ('cause they will)

t.v. never yells at me.

t.v. is always there.

t.v. never hits me...

that's how i know it cares.

t.v. always calms me when i'm having a bad day.

t.v. knows just what i need to make me feel okay.

4. MackDugan's S/S '09 collection...I am in love...

5. Viktor Vauthier photo's and day dreaming of being a muse for him

Thank god I have an early day and it is the weekend...hopefully I can get a ride to the screaming females show or someone wants to give me an extra ticket they have to the vivian girls show...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bangkok label Shake Appeal makes me anticipate Spring coming each and everyday I wake up to a cold harsh Northeast climate which is completely foriegn to me. Just looking at the colors of these items makes me visualize days in the park with a bottle of champagne, a boombox, friends and hussies alike.
This is a total inspiration for what will come in my S/S 09 wardrobe and what I have been keeping my eye out for in thrift and vintage stores. Although I feel while browsing the website for the 70th time, I know I will find something that strikes my fancy so much I will HAVE to order it. The trick is finding a way to pull off my olive/tan skintone(which I thank god for everyday) with some of the more pastel spring colors.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 day weekend

this 3 day weekend turned out for the best, as friday I went to go see my friend Deshawn preform in Sgt. Sass, a queer hip hop duo with inspirations drawing from all over the board including one miss Courtney Love as they sample her in their song "Demonstrate" , then danced the night away to oldies. It was refreshing to know that people in Philadelphia are throwing fun parties that aren't always at the same venues and including different elements. It was also refreshing to meet new fags as well as hang out with the ones I have come to know and love.

So refreshing to be out of Philadelphia even if just for a few hours to go to the Brooklyn Anti-Valentines Day Riot Grrrl Cover band show on Saturday, which included Raooul, the Gossip, Excuse 17, Blatz (who covered also You Oughta Know by Alanis!), Huggy Bear, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, and Lydia Lunch. All the bands were remarkable, I missed Raooul though which I am bummed about (since one of the members was in a Hole cover band for the Philadelphia Riot Grrrl cover band show back in October).

Excuse 17 was a raw energetic fun, Blatz (who also preformed at the Philly Riot Grrrl cover show) had another stellar preformance led by the personality filled front woman Carolanne and the fact that actually did "You Oughta Know" which was incredible because they were originally going to do an Alanis cover band for the Philly show in october but got hella backlash claiming that Alanis was not riot grrrl which maybe be true but its always amazing to hear covers such as that. Huggy Bear for me was probably the highlight of the show as the front woman Sonrisa is my roommate and the bewildering hot Jon Abbot was on bass and sang for pansy twist, with other West Philadelphians Amina and Ashley on guitar and drums doing an amazing job and delivering so well. Sleater Kinney was well but I didn't catch alot of them as I was on a quest to get weeded(which failed), Bikini Kill delivered great as I knew they would they played a wide variety and long set of all my favorite songs. And the show closed with Lydia Lunch who was a very attractive band delivering Teenage Jesus and the Jerks era Lydia doing her justice.

For the Birds zine distro was tabling, I scored a "gimme cooties" comp tape which is a comp of all girl/girl bands from the area. I havent listened to all of it but I am stoked to be in an area right now with so many amazing female fronted bands such as screaming females, cheeky, the homewreckers, etc. etc.

The show really made me feel the good feelings I used to get when I was 16/17 driving to Gilman every weekend to go to shows. So I am going to try to embark on a few projects now hopefully if I can get my shit together, as I have alot on my mind and I need some other release of it than the usual masterbation and shopping sprees.

I am sure a ton of pictures will surface from the show but if you want to see some from the lovely bongwitch alene, check them out!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

a cocktail party to remember

hella hoesHella Gheys

Hella Goat


Hella Alene

another great set brought to us by Jesse

my first time on a frozen lake

lezzie jezzie

photos by the lovely Jesse