Monday, March 2, 2009

on non-believers...

shuntron (4:22:57 PM): i heard you've been telling people that you're going to put hexes on me?
alex08wc (4:23:04 PM): i already did
shuntron (4:23:16 PM): hahah ok then
shuntron (4:23:23 PM): why can't you just accept that i don't believe in it?
alex08wc (4:23:34 PM): because i will make you a true believer
shuntron (4:23:45 PM): haha ok whatever
shuntron (4:23:56 PM): its just a solution looking for a problem though
shuntron (4:24:12 PM): if magic were real i feel like we would have found some evidence of it in the last couple thousands of years
alex08wc (4:24:49 PM): there has been evidence
shuntron (4:25:02 PM): really? show it to me
alex08wc (4:25:10 PM): i can show you my friend alene
shuntron (4:25:36 PM): thats not documented evidence though
shuntron (4:25:41 PM): thats circumstantial
alex08wc (4:25:50 PM): welllllll
alex08wc (4:25:57 PM): you will see yr evidence soon enough
alex08wc (4:26:03 PM): just wait til the next full moon
alex08wc (4:26:10 PM): and you will be sorry you have been talking so much shit
shuntron (4:26:15 PM): that's not proof
alex08wc (4:26:19 PM): o it will be
shuntron (4:26:37 PM): personal experiences are meaningless unless you can replicate them at will
shuntron (4:26:46 PM): in this context
shuntron (4:27:05 PM): also
shuntron (4:27:11 PM): id like to point out that i wasn't talking shit
shuntron (4:27:12 PM): YOU brought it up
shuntron (4:27:17 PM): and decided that you needed to convert me
alex08wc (4:27:27 PM): you'll get yours young shayne
alex08wc (4:27:32 PM): just wait
shuntron (4:27:54 PM): haha what am i getting? i didn't do anything
shuntron (4:27:58 PM): even if it were real
shuntron (4:28:02 PM): aren't you just being mean?
alex08wc (4:28:25 PM): i bind you shayne from doing harm to yourself and harm to others, i bind you shayne from doing harm to yourself and harm to others
shuntron (4:28:33 PM): hahaha
shuntron (4:28:42 PM): i already told you
shuntron (4:28:44 PM): ive seen that movie
shuntron (4:29:00 PM): omg this is the most high school bullshit
alex08wc (4:29:12 PM): just wait
alex08wc (4:29:16 PM): i already braided yr hair
alex08wc (4:29:18 PM): into mine
alex08wc (4:29:30 PM): so everytime you are mean to me yr hair is gonna fall out
shuntron (4:29:31 PM): ew
shuntron (4:29:39 PM): yeah right
shuntron (4:30:12 PM): alright
shuntron (4:30:20 PM): next full moon is next wednesday at 240
alex08wc (4:30:25 PM): well then
alex08wc (4:30:29 PM): u better prepare yrself
shuntron (4:30:39 PM): oh im sure
shuntron (4:31:10 PM): im sorry i really cant take any of this seriously haha
alex08wc (4:31:12 PM): i will make moccasins out of yr lily white skin
alex08wc (4:31:16 PM): and flutes of yr bones
shuntron (4:31:20 PM): you DO realize that it IS absolutely ridiculous?
alex08wc (4:31:36 PM): you just wait till you see what i have a-brewin
shuntron (4:31:57 PM): haha but you can't prove any of it is real
shuntron (4:32:01 PM): its like believing in jesus
shuntron (4:32:05 PM): in fact, its exactly the same thing
alex08wc (4:32:20 PM): i can prove yr apendages will start falling off next full moon
shuntron (4:32:23 PM): its just a god of the gaps without a literary embodiment
alex08wc (4:32:40 PM): and i will collect yr fingers and make myself a nice necklace
shuntron (4:33:10 PM): then you can use some skin to make yourself a new scrunchie
shuntron (4:33:39 PM): so you can hold your hair back while you play MASH at lunchtime
shuntron (4:36:06 PM): we should talk about something else
alex08wc (4:36:16 PM): why are you getting mad?
shuntron (4:36:16 PM): cause i really cannot take you srsly when you talk about this
alex08wc (4:36:26 PM): or is yr hair starting to fal out cause yr being mean?
shuntron (4:36:34 PM): no its not
shuntron (4:36:39 PM): which just proves how ridiculous this is
alex08wc (4:37:37 PM): i feel it in my bones shayne
alex08wc (4:37:42 PM): yr hair is going to go
alex08wc (4:37:57 PM): and then what use will you have for yr scrunchie collection?
shuntron (4:38:01 PM): maybe when i cut it tonight
shuntron (4:38:07 PM): like i planned on doing
alex08wc (4:38:23 PM): see
alex08wc (4:38:27 PM): my spell is working aready
alex08wc (4:38:32 PM): *already
shuntron (4:39:01 PM): omg no its not ive told you so many times in the last month that i need a hair cut
alex08wc (4:40:16 PM): witches - 1 ...shayne - 0
shuntron (4:40:27 PM): yeah ok whatever


  1. this person makes me want to recite incantations by the dim light of a santeria-bought candle.

  2. are you actually a witch alex? that is adorable (i am too). good.