Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating My Friends

I would just like to take some time and recongize the people who make my day via texts

  • Kevin Haley
2/23/09, 8:02 PM
"Its ok I found jesus and that's better than any other boy"
  • Jennifer Brissette
2/23/09, 1:36 PM
"You're gayer than i remember"
  • My new friend Kimberly (who I don't know her last name since I met her this weekend)
2/22/09, 3:43 PM
"I'd like to be Cher at the Oscars circa 1987"
2/22/09, 3:46 PM
"Let's have a Cher party"
**on a side note when I got this girl's phone number the night I met her on Saturday I believe 2 seconds after she put my number in her phone, I got a text from her talking shit on the people next to us. It pretty much made my life. Then via text a few minutes after that I believe she made a reference to me having a fourgy with some guys...
  • Sonrisa
2/22/09, 2:01 PM
"Alex you know i love you, bot there are just some things you just shouldn't tell me....upsetting things."
**nothing but reality from my roommate and a best friend of mine Sonrisa
Thank you again to all who make my day a little brighter by texting me your thoughts and opinions...and if not LET'S TEXT FLIRT! hit me up!

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  1. i speak the truth. you are.

    you need to follow kevin's lead cuz you need jesus.