Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 day weekend

this 3 day weekend turned out for the best, as friday I went to go see my friend Deshawn preform in Sgt. Sass, a queer hip hop duo with inspirations drawing from all over the board including one miss Courtney Love as they sample her in their song "Demonstrate" , then danced the night away to oldies. It was refreshing to know that people in Philadelphia are throwing fun parties that aren't always at the same venues and including different elements. It was also refreshing to meet new fags as well as hang out with the ones I have come to know and love.

So refreshing to be out of Philadelphia even if just for a few hours to go to the Brooklyn Anti-Valentines Day Riot Grrrl Cover band show on Saturday, which included Raooul, the Gossip, Excuse 17, Blatz (who covered also You Oughta Know by Alanis!), Huggy Bear, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, and Lydia Lunch. All the bands were remarkable, I missed Raooul though which I am bummed about (since one of the members was in a Hole cover band for the Philadelphia Riot Grrrl cover band show back in October).

Excuse 17 was a raw energetic fun, Blatz (who also preformed at the Philly Riot Grrrl cover show) had another stellar preformance led by the personality filled front woman Carolanne and the fact that actually did "You Oughta Know" which was incredible because they were originally going to do an Alanis cover band for the Philly show in october but got hella backlash claiming that Alanis was not riot grrrl which maybe be true but its always amazing to hear covers such as that. Huggy Bear for me was probably the highlight of the show as the front woman Sonrisa is my roommate and the bewildering hot Jon Abbot was on bass and sang for pansy twist, with other West Philadelphians Amina and Ashley on guitar and drums doing an amazing job and delivering so well. Sleater Kinney was well but I didn't catch alot of them as I was on a quest to get weeded(which failed), Bikini Kill delivered great as I knew they would they played a wide variety and long set of all my favorite songs. And the show closed with Lydia Lunch who was a very attractive band delivering Teenage Jesus and the Jerks era Lydia doing her justice.

For the Birds zine distro was tabling, I scored a "gimme cooties" comp tape which is a comp of all girl/girl bands from the area. I havent listened to all of it but I am stoked to be in an area right now with so many amazing female fronted bands such as screaming females, cheeky, the homewreckers, etc. etc.

The show really made me feel the good feelings I used to get when I was 16/17 driving to Gilman every weekend to go to shows. So I am going to try to embark on a few projects now hopefully if I can get my shit together, as I have alot on my mind and I need some other release of it than the usual masterbation and shopping sprees.

I am sure a ton of pictures will surface from the show but if you want to see some from the lovely bongwitch alene, check them out!


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