Monday, February 23, 2009

A night at the bath house

My friend Jesse(who took all the photos below) lives at a house in West Philadelphia called the bath house, it is a West Philly house that has been around for a while and got its name from the sauna that was built next to the kitchen. She moved in there about a month ago and had a little gathering of a few close friends

Brendy is the new Chuck Norris

The lovely Hosts and Peter

Xavier walking into the sauna secrets


Nikki and I post Sauna

Life can be good, I will probably end up a Vice Don't

I want to spend the rest of winter in that sauna

we told secrets in the sauna
and I was dubbed the gayest man in the world due to my secret

the gays loved zac (pictured above)... jessie and sylvia too

it was a fancy event but someone told this guy it was a costume party, he was fun though

The people who get me through winter

It suits him well
I had a very West Philadelphia weekend as I only went to parties throughout University City and West Philly, and Sunday was 2 piece fest!!! 22 2 piece bands from 2pm-midnight @ Pi Lam, it was amazing. I don't remember a lot of the specific bands as there were so many but I was actually really blown away by the band Trophy Wife from DC and I am trying to get a hold of any of thier material they might have if anyone can help me with that it would be much appreciated!

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