Friday, February 20, 2009

5 things that are getting my through my Friday

1. This article about a woman who got shot at but the bullet got stuck in her weave

2. I went to the T Bell in the mall and got 3 of these bad jose's and feel much better about life now. I usually avoid fast food, but T Bell is my guilty pleasure, only the bean burritos though...nothing less, nothing more.

3. My friend Jennifer's childrens poems she is writing in the tradition of Shel Silverstein

When Friends and Family Let You Down ('cause they will)

t.v. never yells at me.

t.v. is always there.

t.v. never hits me...

that's how i know it cares.

t.v. always calms me when i'm having a bad day.

t.v. knows just what i need to make me feel okay.

4. MackDugan's S/S '09 collection...I am in love...

5. Viktor Vauthier photo's and day dreaming of being a muse for him

Thank god I have an early day and it is the weekend...hopefully I can get a ride to the screaming females show or someone wants to give me an extra ticket they have to the vivian girls show...


1 comment:

  1. first, thank you for the publicity... i will cut you in when i finish this thing and get rich.

    second, you need to come back to california so you can get some real mexican food. i know you actually like taco bell but it shouldn't be the only way you can get a burrito. that's blasphemous.

    third, hahahahahaha... black ppl are entertaining even when they're near death. thank god for fucked up tracks.